The La Crosse Dive Unit is always looking for new members.  Candidates residing in La Crosse and the surrounding communities, interested in joining or wishing to make a donation to the La Crosse Dive Unit, can please send an e-mail for more information to:

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Serving the area since 1984.


The La Crosse Dive Unit is a non-profit organization. The all volunteer dive rescue unit has approximately 25 members including divers and non-divers. We are a volunteer dive unit for the La Crosse County Sheriff's Department whose functions are but not limited to Swift Water/Flood Rescue, Ice Rescue, Underwater Rescue and recovery & Vessel security services.


Front row (l to r): Jeffrey Jensky – Communications Officer, Kevin Kappauf – Training Officer, Randy Rank – Operations Officer,

D. Marshall Quackenboss, Mark Smith – Equipment Officer, Kevin Hanson, and Brian Perry – Funding Officer.

Back row: Alisha Saley, Megan Hess, Colleen Dady, Bill Faschingbauer, Byron Olmstead, Bud Lee, Shawn Mahoney Unit Leader, Al Ruege, Jennie Sauer Personnel Officer, Josh Hodgkinson, Andrew Thompson, Casey Stadler, and Jesse Smith.
Not pictured: Jack Haase, Steve Link, Mitch Lown, Jean Musgjerd, Ron Nedland, and Jordan Shackelton.

Honorary Members also not pictured: Erwin Chavarri, Elmer Grassman and Bill Powell